One Tasking Helps You in Your Missions


  • Forecast yield
  • Monitor growth and optimise water, fertilisers and pesticides
  • Assess impact extent after a natural disaster


Civil Engineering

  • Plan the set-up of a new infrastructure
  • Monitor construction progress
  • Assess risks, and prevent or recover damages

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Defence Intelligence Security

  • Plan operations and missions deployment
  • Gather regular intelligence over sensitive sites
  • Make informed decisions in crisis situations

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Forest Environment

  • Track forest cover change and spot deforestation
  • Prepare ground inventory
  • Manage ecosystem restoration project
  • Delineate storm impact or fire extent

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Oil, Gas and Mining

  • Track progress of exploitation or infrastructure set-up
  • Manage fire or security incidents close to the production sites
  • Plan evacuation exercises
  • Check site restoration after end of exploitation
  • Gather business intelligence on competitors

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