One Tasking

One Tasking provides answers and support in any situation: from the most basic map update up to emergency response, land use analysis, mission planning or frequent insights through reliable monitoring.


Choose your acquisition day

Imagery acquisition for a specific day is now risk-free. 24 hours before your acquisition date, you receive a weather forecast to let you confirm, postpone or cancel your request at no cost.

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Access useful information in an instant

When immediate imagery is required, our satellites can be tasked to deliver valuable insights in the shortest possible timeframe. Don’t panic if it’s cloudy – we keep collecting images of your area until we are successful.

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Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe

You select your timeframes, dates and preferred sensor – we ensure you receive the right qualified coverage, perfectly matching your project milestones.

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Get coverage on a regular basis

Whether you are dealing with long‑term changes or highly dynamic situations, OneSeries brings you the required intelligence at the frequency you choose. For highest frequencies, our cloud cover commitment ensures you pay only for the most useful results.

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24/7 Emergency Service

Your dedicated emergency response team

We live in a world which faces frequent security, humanitarian, economic and environmental challenges. In these cases, users require timely, reliable and accurate intelligence to understand the situation on the ground, assess damages and help mitigate the impact on those affected. Airbus 24/7 Emergency Service rapidly collects and delivers the information and intelligence you need – giving you a clearer understanding of the situation and enabling you to make informed decisions when the pressure is on and time is of the essence. Once set up, a dedicated hotline and email can be contacted to activate the service: +33 562 194 333  [email protected]

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